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Vacuum Blackhead Remover Face Pore Cleansing Machine Black Head Removal Blackhead Cleanser Blackhead Vacuum Acne Remover Cleaner


Don’t stay in one place more than 3 second (the specific time depends on the health of the skin and the thickness of the skin), or the skin may appear redness or even purple, in this situation you must stop cold compress immediately, if the condition is serious, you should consult a doctor.

Preparation Work:

1. Clean your face entirely.

2. A hot towel for face to the pore of your skin will reduce the pressure when use this device.

3. It will have better result to work with blackhead derived liquid.

How to use it? (Face)

1. Wash your face, dry the water with clean towel or facial tissues.

2. Press ON/OFF to turn on the machine, set the speed (1-3 level).

3. Operate it near the skin.

4. Wash your skin with warm water (DON’T USE FACIAL CLEANSER), Pore shrinkage and facial moisturizing work.

5. Clean your diamond skin peel machine.

Absorb blackhead acne clean pore cleansing instrument method of use:

before use, must be in after a hot bath or sweat, ensure fully open pore, keep the face moist use: put the product on the skin slowly goes back and forth, do not stay in one place too long oh, so as not to damage the skin. To suck out fat, bald, acne and blackhead lighter. If the black is deep, it is better to cooperate with black export liquid used together! Every time a suck out does not matter, do not use too long, with a period of time, about a week or two, more deep black came out, and do not leave scar. after use, can cooperate with some bright skin firming water or cold water to shrink the pores to do the follow-up maintenance.

Micro-crystal Probe:

The surrounding areas of the eyes are not suggested to apply, and rough and wrinkly areas,and body parts like the back and arms or too thin parts are not suggested to apply Big Circular Hole Probe: The surrounding areas of the eyes are not suggested to apply, but the rough and wrinkly skins,and body and elbow can be applied. Small Circular Hole Probe: It is applied to thin and weak skin or the normal skin.

Oval Probe:

It is applied to facial parts like cheek,comer of the eyes.wing of nose .surrounding areas of the mouth. Cleaning and Maintenance 1: After applying it,the beauty cap shoule be removed,using cotton swab with ethyl alcohol or facial cleanser to clean beauty cap timely; 2: Please replace the filtering sponge regularly,and use cotton pads or cotton swab to clean the filtering cap; 3: The filtering cup,filtering cap and replaceable beauty cap should be installed in the apparatus after all the water and ethyl alcohol are dried; 4: Please do not usr water to clean the main parts of the apparatus;

Warm Tips: 1)Skins with scare or injury are not suggested to apply it; 2)When it comes to dermabrasion function with micro-crystal probe,people with dry skin should apply it once a week. While people with oily mixed skin should apply it twice a week,and the application time shoule not surpass five minutes. 3)Please do not press the alternative probe on your skin,and the apparatus itself has strong elevation power. 4)After applying it,the skin might turing a bit red,which is a normal phenomenon; 5)After applying it,please do a good job in moisturizing your skin and protecting your skin from the sunshine 6)Before applying it,please do not use any scrub cream or any other products that remove keratin.

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Suction Degree


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Time for Charging

About 200 minutes

Time for Usage

About 150 minutes




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